I would like to thank the exhibitors for giving me a lovey entry and was pleased that I had so many quality dogs to choose from. It was also refreshing to see that so many GSP’s being docked again.

Minor Puppy Dog (1, o abs)
1 Hamlin’s Know no bounds at Nuash
5 Just 6 months old and very much a baby. Good shoulder placement and nice reach of neck. Has a lot of potential.

Puppy Dog (2,0 abs)
1 Powell/Tarant’s Mamelsa Romancing Romeo at Pawnic
More put together than 2 but I liked both of these young boys. Pleasing head, level top line and good tail set Moved OK
2 Brown’s Gamebourne Dark Indulgence
I liked this boy as well but he was a bit gangly today and was lacking in depth of chest due to immaturity. Sure he will finish up a good example of the breed.

Junior Dog (2, 0)
1 Roden/Woodland’s Keigame Brown Sauce
Mature for his age, this solid liver boy has a good head with a typical roman nose, good ear set. Chest well developed with straight legs. Firm tuck up and good hind angulation moved well to beat his brother.
2 Staley’s Keigame Chilli Bean at Jameel
Nice outline, very similar to his brother but preferred the hind angulation of 1. Level docked tail.

Post Grad Dog (6, 0)
1 Dymond’s Friarsbelle Marshmallow
Very pleasing liver and white boy, although he was undocked he carried his tail correctly. Typical GSP head with almond shaped eyes, good shoulder placement, well sprung ribs and well-muscled. Moved well. Considered for the RCC
2 Hamlin’s The Bisto Kid at Nuash
AAAh this was another very nice boy but was not as well angulated as 1. Dark eye and good ear set with correct length ears. Strong neck and short back with short couplings. Deep chested with tight feet.
3 Hammond and Gulliford’s Xsepshunall merlot at Southmead

Limit Dog (6, 0)
1 Flaherty and Reddyhough’s Isara Kurzhaar Weiser JW, SHCM
Flashy Liver and White dog that I have wanted to get my hands on for a long time and did not disappoint. Very striking with a beautiful GSP expression with kind melting eyes. Slightly domed skull, good ear leathers, strong arched neck and Good depth of chest. Correct harsh jacket, moderate tuck up with well angulated hindquarters and correct tail set. Put down in hard condition and is so typical of his breeding. Moved around the ring with drive and could not be denied the CC. The best is yet to come with this young boy. CC
2 Ellis’s Indijazz Originale at Soellis
Another solid liver dog that I thought was lovely and well put together, strong looking without coarseness. Good front assembly with level firm top line and moderate tuck up. Pushed the winner hard.
3 Cook /Hammond’s Seasham Jumping Jack Flash

Open Dog (8, 0)
1 Rose/Gaffney’s Sh CH/Dutch Ch Kavacanne Toff at the Top JW SH CM
Worthy Champion and looking every inch the part. Not as flashy as the CC winner but of similar breeding. Typical Isara type head, good shoulders and well arched feet. Well angulated, superb driving action in profile but was a little wide when going away, however his quality won this strong open class and RCC He is siring some nice progeny.
2 Adam’s Sh Ch Barleyarch Alver JW ShCM
Mature well known champion who is at the top of his game, correct Roman nose and hazel coloured eyes, strong neck and shoulders, good depth of rib and short coupled, correct tail set. Was not moving out as well as 1 today but there was no shame in being second in this class.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 0)
1 Ellis’s Soellis Dirty Gertie
Pleasing shape for a young lady on flowing lines with good shoulder placement. Moved well.
2 Roden’s High High Jingle Bell at Keigame
Well put together young bitch but not as well angulated as 1. Liked her head and expression, good top line and short back. Well handled.

Puppy Bitch (5, 0)
1 Gain/Dixon’s Kavacanne A Vimto
Wow, just loved this baby girl and could not take my eyes off her in this class. Beautifully constructed body, I had liked her mother and her construction is very similar to her but not as flashy coloured. Very feminine head, well angulated rear end and moved well like her father (the RCC winner) seriously considered for the RCC BP
2 Elrington’s Barleyarch Beetle at Tequesta
Lovely young lady so typical of her breeding. True GSP head with correct ear set. Nice shoulder placement and good hind angulation and correct tail set. Unlucky to meet such a stunner in this class
3 Rodens High High Jingle Bell at Keigame.

Junior Bitch (2, 1)
1 Davies’s Radstorm Conspiracy Theory at Ophrys
Alone in this class, still an honest looking bitch, liked her head short back and coupling and moderate hind angulation. Moved ok.
Post Grad Bitch (4, 0)
1 Haran’s Macgregor Fluffernutter.
Loved her name! Well-constructed bitch with a beautiful outline and much like her half-sister in open. Good strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, level top line coat in top condition. Well angulated fore and aft. Moved well, another bitch that I considered for the RCC. Should make up when she matures.
2 Staley’s Jameel Kissantell
Not quite the style of 1. Smaller bitch with substance. Liked her strong top line and front assembly but was a little long in loin.
3 Robertson’s Sonnenberg Seaspray

Limit Bitch (6, 1)
1 Town/Lay’s Indijazz Truly Scrumptious
Not seen her before but she certainly lives up to her name and is truly scrumptious! So beautifully balanced with an old fashioned typical head with a slight roman nose. correct ear set. Good length of neck and well placed withers giving well laid back shoulders. Angulations were near perfect, Correct harsh solid liver coat. Excellent tail set and well-muscled hind quarters which she used to drive round the ring today and could not be denied the CC and BOB Hope this is the first of many.
2 Roden’s Keigme Rhapsody
Well balanced girl throughout. Liked her head planes. Slightly longer in back than 1 and not the angulation. Good tail set and nice tight feet. Good front assembly with a deep chest and moderate tuck up.

Open Bitch (5, 0)
1 Harris’s Barleyarch Peanut JW
Smaller bitch than CC winner but well balanced and in proportion. Well laid shoulders and moderate angulation. Short backed with good tail set. Moved out well to take RCC. Needs another 6-12 months to mature and she will trouble the best RCC
2 Haran’s Sh Ch Macgregor Schokolade
Half-sister to my Post Grad winner, sired by the same father who is producing some quality GSP’s. Larger framed than 1 but well balanced, good hind angulation and good lay of shoulder. Handler got the best out of her. Moved out with purpose and drive,
3 Mervyn’s UKShCh/ IRShChKarlivar Dusky Roseat Tomanipoint AUCH11 CW13 CW12 Jun CH.

Barbara Stamp