Manchester Championship Show

MPD(2) 1 Knowles &Glen's Wilholme I Gotta Feelin For Bessalone. A promising puppy, correct head proportions, good front assembly with well sloped shoulders, well sprung ribs and strong hindquarters, very much a baby as he should be at this age. A confident puppy, should do well. Best PD. 2 Scott's Starry Midnight. Another sound puppy, pleasing in head, correct shoulders and front, presented a smart, correct outline when stacked, not co-operating on the move on the day.

PD(1) 1 Pearson's Ladyhawke Sultan. Good head proportions, strong neck leading to correct shoulder placement, short in back with enough depth, ample rear angulation and best of feet, just not as positive in rear movement as minor puppy on the day, shown and handled well.

JD(5, 1) 1 Mould &Bird's Koolwaters Cream Cracker. A smart looking young dog, once he settled, muscular neck, good straight front, well sprung ribs and strong hindquarters, ample bone for his frame and moved with drive, needs time to develop and settle in the ring. 2 Pearson's Ladyhawke Sultan. 3 Rose &Hunt's Kavacanne Gale Force Wind.

PGD(7) 1 Roden's Keigame Crown Jewels JW. I found this class very mixed in type. My first was a smart young dog, a little strong in head, good neck length, well developed in body, correct ribbing and shortbacked, well angulated hindquarters, a powerful mover and just needs to settle to give his best, presented in good hard muscular condition. 2 Duncan's Kavacanne Hun Toint Retreve JW. A quality young dog, best of heads with kind expression, which was lacking in some exhibits, shoulders muscular and well sloped, strong over loin and well developed hindquarters, moved well, presented in excellent condition. 3 Tudor's My Little Old Man At Brocador.

LD(12, 2) 1 Graham's Winterwell Jelly Belly With Nyliram. A strongly contested class. My first was an eyecatching quality male, correct well shaped head, best of fronts and well laid shoulders, firm in back, well sprung ribs and well developed strong hindquarters, presented an excellent outline when stacked and had sound true movement. A well deserved Res CC in hot competition. I expect his title will come soon. 2 Burke's Koolwaters Storm Warning For Alcazar. Have previously judged this young man. Very well made throughout, masculine head but kind expressive eye, muscular neck and good front assembly, firm topline but felt he was not moving positively today as I know he can. 3 Flaherty &Reddyhough's Isara Kurzhaar Wieser.

OD(7, 2) 1 Drysdale's Sh Ch Barleyarch Farthing At Drysika JW ShCM. This was a super class to judge, a quality male, best of heads, intelligent expression, strong neck with best of fronts, correct short back, excellent hindquarters with ample angulation, correct bone and of moderate size. I watched him move with drive, at one with his handler, shown in excellent coat and condition with lovely muscletone, a credit to owner and breeder. My CC winner. 2 Adams &Elrington's Sh Ch Barleyarch Alvar JW ShCM. Another quality dog, pleased in head, good eye, excellent front assembly, well ribbed and short in back, firm topline, muscular hindquarters and sound true movement, a worthy show champion of the breed. 3 Mann's Sh Ch Valger Nearco From Keigame (ai) JW.

VD(3) 1 Smith's Jennaline Hugh Dunnit ShCM. A very young looking 7 yr old, full of quality, correct head proportions, ears set high, strong muscular neck, correct short back and hindquarters, strong with well angulated stifle, presented in excellent condition, one of the best movers of the day, considered him for Res CC. Unfortunately did not compete for Best Veteran. 2 Brown's Montalba Maurice ShCM. Another veteran in tip top condition. Masculine head but without coarseness, strong, well developed body, excellent hindquarters, well up for height but still balanced throughout, moved out well, at one with handler. 3 Stedman's Indijazz Grand Designer ShCM.

MPB(5, 2) 1 Hinchliff's Goosepoint Eiderdown. A very pleasing young lady, feminine head with good eye, good shoulders and straight front of good body depth for a youngster, correct amount of bone and sound hindquarters, presented a very balanced outline when stacked, moved sound and true and steadily for age, shown well. I predict a bright future. Pleased to award her BP. 2 Knowles &Glen's Wilholme Sharp N Smart At Bessalone. Another quality puppy, not as together at this stage as my winner, well shaped head, scores in front and shoulder placement, correct rear angulation and moved soundly, should develop well. 3 Wannell's Robglen Argentina Tango.

PB(6, 2) 1 Hinchliff's Goosepoint Eiderdown. 2 Sielski's Orchidstar Zid Zaid Zana. A puppy of good type, pleasing in head, ear set on high, well ribbed and strong over loin, shown in good condition, moved well for a youngster. 3 Arrowsmith's Fleetapple Thyme.

JB (7) 1 Mann's Valger Phoebe. A very well put together bitch. Pleasing in head, good length of neck, correct shoulder placement, short back, good depth and ribbing, strong rear construction which she used to advantage on the move, gave her handler a hard time, but once settled presented a pleasing outline. Considered her for the Res CC. 2 Harris' Barleyarch Peanut. Feminine young bitch of good type, good depth to body, well sprung ribs, correct short back, strong, well developed hindquarters with ample angulation, moved well, shown in tip top coat and condition. 3 Duncan's Kavacanne Gale Storm.

PGB(8, 2) 1 Harris' Barleyarch Peanut. 2 Pearson's Ladyhawke California Star JW. A bitch that presented a pleasing outline, correct head proportions, soft expression, excellent front assembly, deep in chest and strong hindquarters, just not as animated as my winner on the move. 3 Drysdale's Barleyarch Tracker At Drysika.

LB(8) 1 Tait's Benboee Bordeaux JW. A well made bitch, pleasing head proportions, kind eye and expression, scored well in overall balance and construction, best of shoulders and front, deep chest and well ribbed, excellent rear angulation, looked the part when stacked and moved with drive, holding her topline well, very well handled. 2 Lockett's Winterwell Bobbie Dazzler Of Fayemm. Really loved the shape and outline of this bitch, feminine head, excellent front assembly, short back, well angulated stifles, balanced throughout, just not as positive in rear movement as my winner. 3 Mould &Bird's Koolwaters Calamity Jane JW.

OB(7) 1 Harris' Sh Ch Barleyarch Piper. An excellent class, full of quality exhibits. My first place was a super young bitch, still not at her full maturity but so soundly constructed throughout, correct head with feminine expression, strong over neck with excellent front, ample bone and substance that gave her a well balanced outline, excellent hindquarters, neat feet and such a sound mover. Shown in good muscular condition, a very worthy Sh Ch of the breed. CC and BOB. 2 Halbert's Valger Odessa At Marimay. Another quality bitch, unlucky to meet the winner on such good form, a smart bitch, feminine head, correct ear set, nicely balanced, firm back, good rear angulation, moved sound and true but not always looking confident, pleased to award her Res CC. 3 Rose &Rose's Sh Ch NLCh Kavacanne Toff Talk JW.

VB(2, 1) 1 Roden's Sh Ch Keigame Precious JW. A 10 year old quality bitch, feminine in head with lovely expression, excelled in shoulders and front, firm topline, correct body proportions and good rear angulation, not showing her age and still moves with drive, an excellent breed specimen. A credit to breeder/owner. Best Veteran.

Mrs Jean Byrne