Judge: Mrs E Grewcock

Due to large numbers of this beautiful breed being docked as is preferred by people who work their dogs, the entry was affected & notlarge. It was an honour to award CCs in this breed which I have loved since owning one in 1974, & I was pleased with my winners. Myprinciple winners were fine examples of this breed & there were also some very promising youngsters just needing time to mature.

Puppy Dog (2,1). 1 Court’s Ballyheige Burretionkentia, 10 months, good head proportions, clean neck of correct length. Looking alittle high on the leg at the moment & needs more depth of brisket. Needs time to mature in body proportions. BPD.J

unior Dog (3). 1 Mould & Bird’s Koolwaters Cream Cracker, I am sure it will be said again but what a cracker. Good head &expression. Correct body proportions & coat texture. Strong neck, level topline. Good angles fore & aft, which he puts to good use on themove. Will watch this dog as he matures. Should have a bright future; 2 Knowles & Glen’s Wilholme I Gotta Feelin for Bessalone,much younger than my winner & looking a little heavier. Not so clean lines just needs time to grow into his frame; 3 Rose & Hunt’sKavacanne Gale Force Wind.

Yearling Dog (2). 1 Mould & Bird’s Koolwaters Cream Cracker; 2 Rose & Hunt’s Kavacanne Gale Force Wind, not the balance ofmy winner. Nice head, clean neck, straight front, good bone. Needs to relax in topline & hindquarters. Moved steadily.

Graduate Dog (3). 1 Mould & Bird’s Koolwaters Cream Cracker; 2 Dymond’s Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow, well balanced head, cleanneck. Not the forechest & depth of brisket of winner. Firm topline. Not moving with his handler today; 3 Rose & Hunt’s Kavacanne GaleForce Wind.

Post Graduate Dog (3,1). 1 Hughes’ Sonnenberg Sealion, quality dog. Classic head. Straight front. Correct coat texture. Ribs deep &well sprung. Correct short back & slope of croup. Moved free & true; 2 Rusk’s Marran’s Lanson at Booton, preferred the headproportions of my winner. Straight front, compact feet. Not the topline of my winner. I am sure would present a much better overallpicture when relaxed.

Limit Dog (2,1). 1 Read’s Wilholme Edwardian Dream, masculine dog. Medium size, well balanced. Good fore & aft angles. Wellmuscled. Firm topline. Moved with drive.

Open Dog (4,2). 1 Adams’ Sh Ch Barleyarch Alvar, what a worthy Champion. Quality, mature all through. Classic head, good neck,well laid shoulders. Straight front. Firm level topline standing &  on the move. Shown in good coat &  muscle condition. Powerfulhindquarters. In this uneven ring just covered his ground with ease. My pleasure to award him CC & BOB; 2 Rose & Gaffney’s Sh Ch& Dutch Ch Kavacanne Toff  At The Top, another worthy Ch. Well proportioned head. Good neck, straight front. Well placedshoulders. Short back as the Standard calls for. Not quite the bend of stifle of my winner. Not enjoying himself as my winner today.RCC.

Puppy Bitch (4). 1 Gain & Dixons’ Kavacanne A Vimto, although looking a baby the quality of this bitch stood out. Classic head, cleanneck. Good body proportions. Straight front, firm topline. Well constructed quarters, moved true I will watch her progress, should havea bright future. BP; 2 Salter’s Kavacanne A Sprite, feminine but a little finer than my winner. Similar comments apply but preferredhindquarters of 1; 3 Beresford’s Tuptonsett Treacle.

Junior Bitch (4,2). 1 Rose’s Kavacanne Blowin A Gale, liked the classic lines of this bitch. Well placed shoulders. Good bend of stifle,short hocks. Feminine all through. Moved free & true; 2 Salter’s Kavacanne A Sprite.

Yearling Bitch (2,1). 1 Beverley’s Vinitas Miss Jenni Jai, feminine but a heavier bitch than in previous classes. Correct depth ofbrisket. Good bone, strong loin. Nothing flashy, workmanlike purposeful free mover.

Graduate Bitch (4). 1 Beverley’s Vinitas Miss Jenni Jai; 2 Arkley’s Indijazz Show Girl, not working with her handler which affectedher topline. Clean neck. Correct depth of brisket. Good bone & feet. Moved steadily; 3 Rusk’s Booton Yvette.

Post Graduate Bitch (3) 1 Soanes & Stainsby’s Kavacanne Sirius Toint of Whistlecraft, close decision between these two. Justpreferred the head of my winner. Quality bitch shown in good condition. Good angles for & aft, well muscled quarters. Covering plentyof ground; 2 Hughes’ Sonnenberg Sea Holly, correct straight front, good feet. A little shorter in neck. Correct back length. Not quite sofree on the move; 3 Davison’s Sirilta Solitaire.

Limit Bitch (5,2). 1 Taylor’s Wansleydale In A Pickle, quality bitch, smaller than some here but well within the Standard. Well balancedhead, correct front construction. Brisket to elbow. Firm topline. Correct tailset & coat texture. Well bent stifles. Flowing, true, drivingmovement. I am sure will receive top honours. RCC; 2 Beverley’s Vinitas’ Little Miss Posh, good eye & expression, arched neck. Wellheld topline. Not quite the angles for & aft of my winner. Moved free but not the reach & driving of above; 3 Taylor’s KnabynnusMidsummer Hermia.

Open Bitch (6,2) 1 Mould & Bird’s Koolwaters Calamity Jane, quality class but this bitch presented the complete picture of thisbeautiful breed. Feminine well balanced head, well laid shoulders. Short back, good coat texture. Correct width on thighs, well bentstifles. Hocks set square to body & short. Moved effortlessly & true with reach & drive. CC; 2 Rose & Gaffney’s Sh Ch & Dutch ChKavacanne Toff We Go, splitting hairs here & most of the above apply but a little finer boned & preferred hocks of my winner bothstanding & on the move. Even so a worthy Ch; 3 Taylor’s Koolwaters On Moonlight Bay at Pelenrise.