GSP Club Open Show

I thoroughly enjoyed this judging appointment and congratulate the committee for a first rate show. Thanks also to my steward for the day, Nikki Stewart who kept everything running smoothly.

MPD(5,1)1, Roden and Woodland's Keigame Brown Sauce. Really liked this quality puppy, in super coat, he is well up to size but not overdone. Good bone and front assembly with super feet. Correct shoulder placement, strong level topline with moderate underline, well muscled rear quarters and free, ground covering movement completed a lovely picture. Well handled. Will watch this one with interest. 2, Tudor's Indijazz Xperience at Brocador. Different type from 1 but has lots to like. More workmanlike dog, liked his head and expression, strong neck, well held topline with good depth of brisket and ribs extending well back. Presented in fit, hard condition. 3, Hurley's Swifthouse Hambledon. 4, Simons Swifthouse Woodhall.

PD(4)1, Roden and Woodland's Keigame Brown Sauce. 2, Hurley's Swifthouse Hambledon. Loved this boy's head and expression. Good bone and shape, he is nicely muscled throughout as they should be, but all too often this isn't the case. I would like to see him again in a year or so. His coat is softer than I would like. 3, Simons Swifthouse Woodhall.

JD(2,1)1, Mould and Bird's Koolwaters Cream Cracker. I liked this youngster a lot, he presented a super outline, strong neck with well laid back shoulders, a level topline and correct depth of brisket. Well angulated quarters fore and aft enabled him to move smoothly with drive.

YD(2)1, Mould and Bird's Koolwater Cream Cracker. 2, Learmonth's Ceannacroc Peel of Riffmuir. Flashier dog, on the smaller end of the height scale. Wider in front than desirable and I would prefer more forechest and his ribs to extend further back. That said, he moved soundly and freely.

ND(5)1, Roden and Woodland's Keigame Brown Sauce. 2, Mould and Bird's Cream Cracker. 3, Hurley's Swifthouse Hambledon. 4, Learmonth's Ceannacroc Peel of Riffmuir. 5, Simons Swifthouse Woodhall

PGD(4,1)1, Harwood's Barleyarch Truppence. Upstanding dog, with bags of positive attitude. Strongly built, great coat, feet and topline. He is a bit loaded over his shoulders, taking a little weight off would make a big difference. 2, Tudor's My Little Old Man at Brocador. Again very different in type to 1. Kind expression, correct neck and shoulders but a touch long in loin for me. Feel these boys would have benefited from a bigger ring.

LD(4,2)1, Gatliffe's Allezweck Shamrock. The more I looked at this boy the more I liked him. He is to me a more old fashioned type and I mean that as a compliment. Super head and expression, correct forechest, shoulders and topline. Strong body with ribs extending back to his short well muscled loin. Well angulated rear quarters with short strong hocks. Moved with ease, very precise and steady for his handler. My only criticism is, I would like to see him more animated. He was unlucky to meet the veteran dog today and had to settle for rbd. 2, Roden's Crown Jewels. From laid back dog 1 too happy happy camper dog 2. This boy did his absolute best to give his handler a hard time, I believe it was a bitch in season who wound him up. On the stand however he presented a picture of power, with correct body proportions, good depth and forechest, correctly angled hind quarters and again in fit, hard condition. Unfortunately his movement was difficult to assess as he was throwing his front so much.

Vet D(3,2)1, Mould and Bird's Sh Ch Koolwaters Accolade. WOW!! I have admired this dog many times but this was my first opportunity to get hands on him and he certainly did not disappoint. A real top drawer Gsp from any angle, hard to believe he is a veteran!! Good head and expression, strong, reachy neck, correct shoulder placement, strong, level topline, correct depth of body, forechest and gradual underline. He is well ribbed up to his short, strong loin and has well muscled rear quarters and correct short strong hocks. His effortless, ground covering movement is a joy to watch. He is totally at one with his handler. Delighted to award him bd and bis.

Field trial dog (1)1, Hurley's Seehol Finhesse. Lovey head and neck, slightly wide in front. Good topline and again as we would hope for, especially in this class, well muscled up, he looked like he would work all day.

MPB(1)1, Gardiner's Malmelsa Flirty Fleuri. I really loved this little lady. Obviously very much a baby at 6.5 months but what a pro and so balanced. Good head, neck and shoulder placement. Correct depth to brisket with a gradual tuck up, Well held topline and correct rear assembly. She moved steadily with drive for her accomplished handler and beat the lovely dog puppy for bpis.

PB(1)1 Learmonth's Rollenwood Magheralin of Riffmuir. Sweet bitch, lighter in bone than the minor puppy and not quite the presence. That said, she too is still a baby at 8 months. She was presented in good condition, has great feet and moved well but a little soft in coat for me.

JB(3,1)1 Harris's Barleyarch Peanut. Top quality bitch, full of breed type. Good head and expression. Correct body proportions. Loved her forechest, topline and short loin. She is well off for bone but retains her femininity and is correctly muscled throughout. This, she uses to advantage to move with style and drive, hard to believe she is only 17 months. Very nice indeed, bb and rbis. 2, Learmonth's Rollenwood Magheralin of Riffmuir.

YB(2)1, Harris's Barleyarch Peanut. 2, Mould, Bird, Hammond and Cooke's Seasham Indian Sunset over Koolwaters. Quality bitch with a super head and neck. Correct front assembly, strong, level topline and gradual underline. Well muscled rear quarters. Moved steadily.

NB(3)1, Mould, Bird, Hammond and Cooke's Seaham Indian Sunset over Koolwaters. 2, Gardiner's Malmelsa Flirti Fleuri. 3, Simons Swifhouse Ford Moss. PGB(3,1)1, Harris's Barleyarch Peanut. 2, Nixon's Quintana Hollie Berry. Super head and neck, good depth and topline with well muscled rear quarters. Moved smoothly, covering the ground with ease, sympathetically handled. 3, Peeble's Keigame Hopscotch. 4, Simon's Swifthouse Ford Moss.

LB(2)1, Mould and Bird's Koolwaters Calamity Jane. Eyecatching bitch, good neck, bone and forechest. Strong, level topline and correct ribbing. Hocks, well let down and well muscled thighs. Correct coat. She moved with style and purpose eating up the ground. 2, Coe and Pitman's Pitwit Leeona. Good head and neck, short in back and loin and again well muscled. Moved well.

OB(1)1 Peeble's, Keigame Leading Lady. Solid liver quality bitch. Loved her shape in profile but carrying a touch too much weight today. Good neck, depth and bone. Well muscled rear assembly. Moved with purpose and drive, handled to advantage.

Vet B (1) 1, Gardiner's Kilnrae Gretel. Beautiful 10.5 year old lady who completely belies her age. Super head, neck and shoulders, level topline and short strong loin. Correct rear assembly. Presented in super condition. She moved with drive style.

Field trial bitch (1)1, Nixon's Quintana Hollie Berry.

Seonaid McAndrew (Brackenmist)