Welsh Kennel Club

Judge Juliie Squire

Thank you for a lovely quality entry. It was as always a great pleasure to judge our wonderful breed.I was pleased that in every class considering that entries are much lower these days, I was able to find the size andtype I was looking for, hence I was delighted with both my line ups.  Movement I still find very disappointing as arethe many different types of heads!

Veteran Dog (1,0). 1 Duncan’s Sh Ch Magregor Pukka. A lovely dog of perfect size, shows no sign of age, in greatcondition, so well balanced, moves sound & true.Minor Puppy Dog (1,0). 1 Cooke & Hammond’s Seasham Super Trouper. Just 6 mths & looking very promising,lovely size, coat short& harsh, pleasing head with good length of foreface , eyes darkening nicely, lengthy neck in to good shoulders,short back, well angulated rear, moving well in front should strengthen behind with maturity

Puppy Dog (3,1). 1 Cooke & Hammond’s Seasham Super Trouper. 2 Powell & Tarrant’s Malmelsa RomancingRomeo At Pawnic. 10 mths l/w, very nice puppy who is at a completely different stage to 1, he has a good coat &pleasing head, short back with good topline, well angulated rear, moves well in front &  profile ,again needs tostrengthen behind. Preferred  length of  upper arm of the minor puppy.

Junior Dog (3,1). 1 Staley’s Keigame Chilli Bean. Solid liver of lovely size & balance, good angles front and rear,deep in chest, short back with good topline. Moves true coming and going. 2 Roden & Woodland’s KeigameBrown Sauce. Solid liver litter brother to 1. Preferred head and size of his brother, none the less he presents abalanced picture when standing, short back, good depth of brisket, moves soundly.

Novice Dog (3,1). 1 Cooke & Hammond’s Shesham Super Trooper. 2 Rose & Hunt’s Kavacanne Gale ForceWind. This young dog is of lovely size and shown in fit hard condition. He has a balanced head and dark eyes, shortbacked and good topline. He moves very soundly but would prefer more angulation front and rear.

Post Graduate Dog (6,1). 1 Dymond’s Friasbelle Marsh Mellow. 2 years l/w of good size & proportions. Head iswell balanced with broad high set ears, eyes could be darker but they do match the lighter liver of his coat. Goodangles front  & rear, pleasing bone, stands on good feet, moved soundly round the ring, in very fit hard condition. 2Duncan’s Kavacanne Hun Toint Retreve. 2 years l/w, lovely type, good size, balanced head with dark eyes, goodlength of neck in to well laid shoulders, sufficient rear angulation, moved ok, preferred rear movement of 1. 3 HughesSonnenberg Sealion

Limit Dog (9,1). 1 Malin’s Heathermark Irish At Benrae. 3 year b/w, for me he is the best black & white we haveseen in the breed. Lovely size & breed type. Head clean cut, not to broad with good length of foreface showing a slightroman nose in profile, eyes dark with kind gentle expression. Lengthy neck into well laid back shoulders, lovely lengthof upper arm, back short & firm, tail set correct,  good turn of stifle with great width across the thigh. Body is deep,stands on great feet. No surprise he covers the ground with great ease, totally true coming & going. In the challengethe open dog just beat him on his full maturity & ring presence. RCC, quite sure he will make the first B/W champion!!!2 Lisle Barleyarch Rolex. 3 year l/w pleasing dog with good depth & spring of rib, good shoulder placement & turn ofstifle, presents a very balanced picture in profile & his handler really does get the best out of him. Just a bit to muchof him for me. Could not match the movement of 1. 3 Serpa & Griffiths Barleyarch Trumpeter.

Open Dog (3,0). Spoilt for choice with these 3 lovely dogs, would have been more than happy to have given either ofthem the CC.1 Rose & Gaffney’s Sh Ch & Dutch Ch Kavaccanne Toff At The Top. 5 year l/w of lovely size & type. This is the 3rdtime I’ve judged him& for me he now is at his very best. Fully matured & in fit hard condition, he is a delight to put your hands on. Hishead although a little strong in back skull it is balanced with good length of foreface, eyes are dark and his ears arehigh set & close fitting. Neck long, leading in to good shoulders, upper arm long, super front, body deep, back short &strong, lovely turn of stifle with good width across the thigh. Moves with such reach & drive keeping his lovely shapein profile. Delighted to award him the CC & BOB. 2 Tarrant’s Pawnic Saxon. 4 year l/w What a lovely dog, spot onfor size & breed type, gorgeous head with kind gentle expression, good front & shoulders & rear to match, moves trueon a free & easy stride. Very much deserves his title, hope its not long in coming. 3 Graham’s Sh Ch Winterwell JellyBelly With Nyliram

Veteran Bitch (2,1) 1 Gardiner’s Kilnrae Gretal. 11 years l/w what a lovely old lady, still keeping a great shape, lovelyhead with gorgeous eyes & expression, good angulation for & aft, moved soundly.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,0) 1 Ellis Soellis Dirty Gertie. 8 month l/w, loved her size & bone, balanced head with eyesdarkening nicely, super neck & topline, good front & shoulders, good turn of stifle with width across the thigh.Littleshy to start with but settled, moved well. 2 Whitehouse’s Kazanpaul Creme de la Creme. Another lovely 8 month puppy .lovely feminine head, well balanced with good angulation fore & aft, lovely smart dark jacket, moved well. Likedher very much, just preferred the little more bone of the 1st. 3 Roden’s High High Jingle Bells at Keigame  

Puppy Bitch (8,2) 1 Gain & Dixon’s Kavacanne A Vimto to Molkara. 11 month l/w, gorgeous puppy, loved her size &bone. Head well balanced, long neck, super front & shoulders with strong quarters to match. She has a shortharsh dark coat that gleamed with condition. Her movement was spot on, she just shouts quality, loved her. BP. 2Drew’s Cushatlaw Illustrious. Another quality puppy of a different type. Pleasing head, long neck ,very wellbalanced all through. Not in the best of coats at the moment. 3 Heath’s Barleyarch Ladybird At Pinseeker

Junior Bitch (0)

Novice Bitch (2,0) 1 Gain & Dixon’s Kavacanne A Vimto to Molkara. 2 Gardiners Malmelsa Flirty Fleuri. 10month l/w pleasing head with sweetest of expressions, looked nice shape stacked but was carrying a little too muchweight for me. Moved well behind but needs to settle in front.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,0). 1 Brown’s Barleyarch Tigernut At Graygees. 2years l/w, lovely bitch shown in fit hardcondition, correct size& of good type. Good front assembly, deep in chest & good shoulder placement with correct length to her upper arm.Pleasing bend of stifle. Gentle feminine head with soft expression & dark eyes. Really pleasing bitch, moved well. 2Duncan’s Kavacanne Gale Storm. Splitting hairs with these two. Lovely bitch ,looks really good in profile & is notdisappointing to go over, very balanced through out, she has a lovely head. She just lost out on front being just a bitwider. Moved soundly. 3 Hughes Sonnenberg Seaholly.

Limit  Bitch (5,0).  Five  cracking  bitches  in  this  class,  really  did  have  to  split  hairs.  1  Hammonds  SeashamLovestruck. 2 year l/w. Very much like the style of this bitch. Her feminine head pleases greatly with the darkest ofeyes. She has good well laid back shoulders with long upper arm & a more than good turn of stifle. Sound on themove with a lovely long forward stride. Presented in tip top condition, her coat is short & harsh. For me she just needsa little more time to mature & finish in body. 2 Rose’s Kavacanne Blowin A Gale. Young bitch of correct size ,lovelytype. Balanced head with dark eyes, slightly rounder in scull than 1st. Gorgeous front & shoulder angulation, shortback with good level topline, lovely turn of stifle. Moves absolutely true coming & going. 3 Lockett’s WinterwellBobbie Dazzler Of Fayemm.

Open Bitch (10,3). 1 Rumney’s Keigame Sweet Melody. 7 years l/w. What a lovely well balanced bitch,not overdonein anyway. She is a gorgeous shape in profile with everything just flowing in to each other. Head is balanced with goodlength of forface, eyes dark with a kind gentle expression. Neck flows into her shoulders which are well laid back withlong upper arm,body is deep, firm short back with loin wide, tail set spot on. Well turned stifle with thighs strong &well muscled. Moved true coming & going & keeps her shape well in profile. Delighted to award her the CC her 2nd,keeping going for the 3rd. 2 Halbert’s Sh Ch Valger Odessa At Marimay. Liked this bitch as a puppy & is now justreaching her best,not always willing to play ball but today was the best I’ve seen her show. Ultra feminine head withdark eyes, neck long, shoulders good ,not quite the length of upper arm of winner, ribs deep & well sprung ,lovely rearangulation. Shown in fit hard condition. Moved well with good reach & drive, RCC. 3 Thompson’s Redmires Talk OfThe Catwalk.