SKC August
MPD & PD (0).

JD (6,2a) 1 Moodie’s Wilholme Black Sabbath, quality liver dog, super head, excellent neck & shoulder, good bone & feet, moved well, nice body, topline & quarters. Shown in good coat & condition. With a bit more help from the handler could make up; 2 Court’s Ballyheige Burretiokentia, another masculine dog, balanced body & quarters, good front & bone. Shown in great coat & condition. Moved well. Not the feet of 1; 3 Knowles & Glen’s Wilholme I Gotta Feelin for Bessalone.

PGD (1) 1 Rose & Hunt’s Kavacanne Gale Force Wind, pleasing dog of good make & shape, nice size, masculine head & expression, very good body, bone & feet, strong topline, well muscled quarters in nice coat & condition, moved well.

LD 1 Lisle’s Barleyarch Rolex, top class dog,  super head & eye, well constructed front, good neck & shoulders, excellent ribs, forechest & topline, strong quarters, shown in gleaming coat & condition, moved well. Close to top awards. RCC; 2 Flaherty & Reddyhough’s Isara Kurzhaar Wieser, another super dog, nice size, very good head, excellent neck & shoulders, nice body & quarters, good bone & feet, good side profile, just needs to be steadier in front. In fit, hard condition; 3 Duncan’s Kavacanne Hun Toint Retrieve.

OD (4,2) 1 Graham’s Sh Ch Winterwell Jelly Belly with Nyliram, masculine dog, pleasing head, well constructed front, excellent body & quarters, sounds & stylish, shown in fit, hard condition, moved well with good profile. CC; 2 Adams’ Sh Ch Barleyarch Alvar, quality dog, super head & eye, excellent body, topline & quarters, good front, bone 7 feet, moved OK. Shown in fit, hard condition. Close to top awards.

VD (1) 1 Tait’s Benboee Bachata, masculine head, good body & quarters, good bone, nice neck & shoulders, shown in excellent coat & condition. Good legs & feet, moved well for his years.

MPB (1) 1 Rogden’s High High Jingle Bells at Keigame, good head, eye & expression, pleasing body, bone & feet, excellent ribs, topline & quarters. Shown in super coat & condition, moved OK, just needs a bit more ringcraft. PB (6) 1 Gain & Dixon’s Kavacanne A Vimto for Molkara, a super pup from any angle. Good head & eye, super body shape, nice bone & feet, strong topline & quarters, moved well. Well handled by her talented handler, all being fair must have a bright future. BP & PG1; 2 Elrington’s Barleyarch Beetle at Tequesta, another top class pup, super make & shape, pleasing head, nice bone, strong topline & quarters, moved well. Shown in tip-top coat & condition. Close to 1, preferred feet of 1; 3 Drew’s Cushatlaw Illustrious.

JB (5,1) 1 Knowles & Glen’s Wilholme Sharp N Smart at Bessalone, sister to JD, feminine head, nice legs & feet, very good body & quarters, good topline, nice depth of forechest, moved well, just needs a bit more maturity for top honours; 2 Tait’s Benboee Bring It On, stronger bitch all through, super body, topline & quarters, good bone & feet, pleasing head, moved OK, close to 1, in tip-top coat & condition; 3 Court’s Ballyheige Bocconia.

PGB (6,1) 1 Duncan’s Kavacanne Gale Storm, super make & shape, nice size, feminine head, nice eye & expression, well constructed front, good depth, moved well with good side profile, in fit hard condition; 2 Garvey’s Kavacanne Toint The Way to Richtig, lovely feminine head, nice legs & feet, good ribs, topline & forechest, strong quarters, in good coat & condition, moved well, just needs a bit more confidence to complete the picture; 3 Staley’s Jomeel Kissantell.

LB (6,2) 1 Haran’s Magregor Fluffernutter, super bitch from any angle & pleasing outline, feminine head, well constructed body, strong topline, nice quarters, moved well on a loose lead. Shown in fit, hard condition. CC & BOB; 2 Tait’s Benboee Bordeaux, another quality bitch, close to 1. Super head & eye, excellent construction, good body, topline & tailset. Nice bone & feet, sound & stylish, in tip-top coat & condition. Deserves her title – both have Barleyarch sires, congrats. RCC; 3 Lockett’s Winterwell Bobbie Dazzler of Fayemm.

OB (3) 1 Mervyn’s Sh Ch/Int Sh Ch Karlivar Dusky Rose at Tomanipoint, solid liver bitch, nice size, good head, body & quarters. Move well, nice legs & feet, shown in fit hard condition; 2 Haran’s Sh Ch Magregor Schokolade, quality ch bitch, nice head, good bone, strong topline, moved well, excellent legs & feet; excellent forechest & ribs. A bit like me, could carry a bit less weight!; 3 Thompson’s Redmires Talk Of The Catwalk. VB (1) 1 Brown’s Montalba Millie Chillum, quality bitch of good make & shape, feminine head, nice front, topline & tailset, good quarters, moved well. In nice, fit condition.