GSP Association

Judge(s): Sue Ashcroft
Best in Show - Crumleigh Magic Max

DCC    - Crumleigh Magic Max
RDCC  - Koolwaters Cream Cracker
BCC   - Freworth Firenze
RBCC  - Valger Odessa at Marimay
BP   - Keigame Brown Sauce

                                     Best in Show - Crumleigh Magic Max

Minor Puppy (5 entries)
1st Keigame Brown Sauce (BPIS)
2nd Kavacanne a Tango for Oramiss
3rd Ballyheige Burretiokentia
4th Indijazz Xperience at Brocador
5th Booton Alencon

Puppy (4 entries)
1st K.Brown Sauce
2nd Starry Midnight
3rd B.Alencon

Junior ( 4 entries, 1 abs)
1st Koolwaters Cream Cracker
2nd Ladyhawke Sultan
3rd Kavacanne Gale Force Wind

Novice(4 entries)
1st K. Cream Cracker
2nd Starry Midnight
3rdMadcap Purple Finch
4th K. Gale Force Wind

Graduate (7 entrie, 2 abs)
1st K.Cream Cracker
2nd K.Brown Sauce
3rd L.Sultan
4th Keigame Jigsaw
5th Hillanhi Snow Storm

Postgraduate (5 entries)
1st My Little Old Man at Brocador
2nd Marrans Lanson at Booton
3rd Kavacanne Hun Toint Retreve JW
4th Hillanhi Mountain Fire
5th Leanstown Cure the Blues of Deepthatch

Limit (13 entries, 2 abs)
1st Crumleigh Magic Max (CC & BIS)
2nd Balvenie Little Wonder
3rd Seasham Jumpin Jack Flash
4th Isara Kurzhaar Wieser JW ShCM
5th Cushatlaw Fog on the Tyne

Open (5 entries, 1 abs)
1st ShCh/NedCh Kavacanne Toff at the Top JW ShCM
2nd Ch Barleyarch Farthing at Drysika JW ShCM
3rd ShCh Barleyarch Alvar JW ShCM
4th Benboee Bachata JW
5th M.Purple Finch

Veteran (3 entries)
1st ShCh Magregor Pukka JW ShCM
2nd ShCh Koolwaters Accolade ShCM
3rd Kazanpaul Sticky Toffee Pud of Whistlecraft ShCM

Special Veteran (5 entries, 2 abs)
1st ShCh Rodale Razzle Dazzle JW ShCM
2nd ShCh Barleyarch Cricket at Keigame ShCM JW
3rd Cushatlaw Freedom JW ShCM

Field Trial (3 entries)
1st C. Magic Max
2nd Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow

Good Citizens (1 entry)
1st K. Gale Force Wind

Minor Puppy (7 entries, 1 abs)
1st Cushatlaw Illustrious
2nd Kavacanne a Vimto
3rd Benboee Bringt It On
4th Torranpoint Peppercorn
5th Ballyheige Bocconia

Puppy (5 entries)
1st C. Illustrious
2nd Willholme Sharp N Smart at Bessalone
3rd B.Bring It On
4th Stubblemere Spellbinder at Aurichalcum

Junior (4 entries, 1 abs)
1st Kavacanne Gale Storm JW
2nd Kavacanne Blowin A Gale JW
3rd Orchidstar Zid Zaid Zaina
Novice (4 entries)
1st C. Illustrious
2nd B. Bring It On
3rd Malmelsa Flirty Fleuri

Graduate (6 entries, 1 abs)
1st Taftazini Wilshee Wyn Too JW
2nd Keigame Hopscotch
3rd Kenxiam Commanche
4th Eairycor Jazz Diva

Postgraduate (8 entries, 2 abs)
1st Winterwell Bobbie Dazzler of Fayemm JW
2nd Seasham Lovestruck JW
3rd Ladyhawke California Star JW
4th Kavacanne Sirius Toint of Whistlecraft
5th Booton Yvette

Limit (9 entries)
1st Freworth Firenze (CC, RBIS & BOS)
2nd Wilholme Saucy Brown JW
3rd Benboee Bordeaux JW
4th Kacela Sweet Kanzi
5th Hillanhi Isabelle

Open (7 entries, 1 abs)
1st  Valger Odessa at Marimay
2nd ShCh Winterwell Tootsie Roll JW ShCM
3rd Keigame Sweet melody
4th Keigame Leading Lady JW ShCM
5th Cushatlaw Honey Pie JW ShCM
Veteran (4 entries)
1st Booton Marietta of Whinchat (BV)
2nd Kazanpaul Crème Brulee AWG
3rd Collwarwick Murrell
4th Kilnrae Barley Sugar

Special Veteran (4 entries, 1 abs)
1st ShCh Keigame Harlette
2nd ShCh Kazanpaul Bourbon Cream ShCM
3rd Kilnrae Gretel

Field trial (3 enries)
1st Deepthatch Pocona
2nd Quintana Quixotic

Good Citizens (4 entries, 1 abs)
1st Keigame Bosanova Around Winterwell JW