GSP Association

I really enjoyed my judging at this breed show and thank the Committee for asking me to officiate. I had a top drawer quality entry with the cream of GSPs and am grateful for the exhibitors for such a brilliant entry in these economic times. I was very happy with my top honours. Temperaments as usual were very good and I did not find one bad mouth. Had some hair-splitting decisions in some classes when dogs could easily change places on another day. Some dogs who I really like were carrying too much weight for me and others didn't perform like I know they can on the move. We had a lovely big ring and it was great to see our breed use their lovely movement. Again thank you all.

MPD (5) 1 Roden & Woodland's Keigame Brown Sauce, 8 month old solid liver lad, well up on size. Has lovely balance and I loved his classic outline. Good head proportions, nice eyes and expression, good muzzle length and well set ears. Good length of neck into correct shoulders and good depth of chest, well ribbed, nice top line, strong croup with well set tail, thighs well muscled. Moved out very well with good drive. Well deserved BPD/BPIS. 2 Clinton's Kavacanne A Tango For Oramiss - 7 month old flashy liver/white lad. This kennel excels on its beautiful heads and dark eyes, which this pup has. Again, nicely balanced throughout, good length of neck, good shoulders, top line and tail set good with nice rear angulation. Moved out and handled well. 3 CourtBallyheige Burretiokentia

PD (4,)1 Keigame Brown Sauce 2 Scott's Starry Midnight - 11 month old l/w ticked boy who is a very well balanced, smart GSP. Head of good type, reachy neck with a strong, short back, but stands over plenty of ground. He is well angulated fore and aft, nicely placed shoulders. Has good bone without any coarseness. Good movement. 3 Rusk's Booton Alencon

JD (4) 1 Mould & Bird's Koolwaters Cream Cracker - l/w and what a "cracker" he is, so well put together and nothing is overdone. Best of heads, with lovely eyes and expression, good muzzle and jaw, lengthy neck into good shoulders with nice straight front and good feet. Nice chest depth and tuck up into well bent stifles and well let down hocks. Tail set is good and quarters are well muscled. He moved effortlessly round the very large ring with style. Please to award him the RDCC. 2 Pearson's Ladyhawke Sultan - very flashy l/w who is lovely in profile with an outline that flows. Nice head, dark eye and good expression, good neck length and forechest. Deep chest, sloping top line into well set on tail. Good stifle and strong, muscled thighs. Moved well, covering the ground easily. Sadly carrying a little too much weight for me today, but a lovely boy. 3 Rose & Hunt's Kavacanne Gale Force Wind

ND (4) 1 Koolwaters Cream Cracker 2 Ladyhawke Sultan 3 Fairbrother's Madcap Purple Finch

GD (7, 2) 1 Koolwaters Cream Cracker 2 Keigame Brown Sauce 3 Ladyhawke Sultan

PGD (5) 1 Tudor's My Little Old Man At Brocador - Flashy l/w dog, good shape and make, balanced in outline with good deep chest. Lovely clean head with dark eyes and kind expression. Good neck length into well placed shoulders. Longer in back, but with a good top line and tail set. Nicely bent stifles. Good coat texture. Moved effortlessly and with good drive 2 Rusk's Marrans Lanson At Booton. Solid liver chap, smashing outline; flowing and well balanced. Correct head/skull proportions, well set ears, melting dark eyes giving a soft expression. Good shoulders, rear angulation and chest depth. Well ribbed, lengthy neck into correct top line and strong quarters. Moved well, but would like to see him moved a little faster. 3 Duncan's Kavacanne Hun Toint Retrieve JW

LD (13, 2) A lovely class, which I shortlisted. Unfortunately, some lovely dogs went "flat" when asked to move again, so sadly were not placed. 1 Wright's Crumleigh Magic Max - l/w dog with a classic GSP outline which filled my eye, nothing is overdone and everything flows. I loved his head; masculine, but not heavy. Nice eye and expression, ears well set on and good strong neck into good shoulders. Short, strong back with nice tail set. Right amount of depth to chest, well ribbed and a good tuck up to well bent stifles with well let down hocks. Quarters well muscled. On the move he wastes no energy and covers the ground well with correct movement, nice going and coming. It was a pleasure to award this young man DCC and BIS. 2 Schoneville's Balvenie Little Wonder - flashy l/w boy, different type to (1), longer cast but a nice specimen of the breed. Nicely balanced. Lovely head, dark eye and well set ears. Good neck length, nice shoulders, deep chest, well ribbed. Would like top line to be slightly more sloping, but that is nit-picking. Well muscled quarters which showed in his good movement. 3 Cooke & Hammond's Seasham Jumpin Jack Flash

OD (6,1) Some lovely dogs in this class, all different types. 1 Rose & Gaffney's Sh Ch/Ned Ch Kavacanne Toff At The Top JW ShCM - L/w dog who is a worthy Dutch and GB champion. He possesses the classic, lovely head of this kennel. Flows in outline, good neck length, strong back with slightly sloping top line to well set on tail. Good shoulders, depth of chest and quarters. Moved beautifully around the ring, at one with his handler. Unfortunately, moving away in challenge he lost out as he moved slightly wide. 2 Drysdale's Ch Barleyarch Farthing At Drysika JW ShCM - l/w dog with a lovely dark coat. Beautiful headed dog with lengthy neck into good shoulders with a good chest depth/tuck up. Well angulated and muscled rear. Moved out well, but top line was raised towards the croup on the move. 3 Adam's & Elrington's Sh Ch Barleyarch Alvar JW ShCM

VD (3, 0) Three lovely "young" veterans who could still hold their own in an Open class. 1 Duncan's Sh Ch Magregor Pukka JW ShCM - 8 year old l/w ticked, nice sized dog with a classic balanced outline. Good head, eye, expression and lovely arched neck into good shoulders. Nice and short in back with strong croup and well set tail. Strong quarters, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved out well - can't believe he's a veteran! 2 Mould & Bird's Sh Ch Koolwaters Accolade ShCM - 11 year old l/w ticked, longer cast than (1). Well balanced boy, nicely angulated with good depth, well bent stifle. Good head and expression with nice dark eyes. Moved with power, holding his top line. 3 Soanes' Kazanpaul Sticky Toffee Pud Of Whistlecraft ShCM

SVD (5, 3) 1 Whiting's Sh Ch Rodale Razzle Dazzle JW ChCM - 10 year old Flashy l/w dog. Lovely outline, so well balanced, good head / expression and dark eyes. Lengthy neck with good shoulders and depth of chest. Good quarters and thighs with well bent stifles. Moved out effortlessly. 2 Roden's Sh Ch Barleyarch Cricket At Keigame ShCM JW - l/w boy, he is such a lovely dog and doesn't look his 12 years. Still flows round the ring like a 2 year old! Stronger made than (1), but everything is in proportion. Good head and expression, nice balance with good shoulders and rear. 3 Cox's Cushatlow Freedom JW ShCM FTD (2) 1 Crumleigh Magic Max 2 Dymond's Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow - Flashy l/w dog, nice type, pleasing head, with good expression and dark eye. Not the shoulder angulation of (1). He has a lovely length of neck and sloping top line with well set on tail. Good chest depth and nice bend of stifle with well let down hocks. Moved out well.

GCD (1,0) 1 Rose & Hunt's Kavacanne Gale Force Wind - l/w dog, lovely head and expression, good top line, would like a slightly longer upper arm, but has good rear angulation. Well set on tail and a nice overall picture. Showed and handled well.

MPB (7, 1) A good future is ahead if these babies are anything to go by, a lovely class with some hair splitting decisions. 1 Drew's Cushatlaw Illustrious - 7 month old baby girl, but is so balanced and one who I am sure has a great future. Superb outline, couldn't take my eyes off her. Sweet head, lovely eye shape, clean skull, lovely reachy neck into superb shoulders. Just the right amount of chest depth and good tuck up towards well bent stifles and strong hocks. Correct top line with well set on tail. On the move she was a dream to watch. 2 Gain & Dixon's Kavacanne A Vimto - 7 month old dark l/w girl, who I thought was a lovely baby. Again well balanced, lovely head and expression with dark eye, much of the above attributes apply. Has lovely shoulders and well bent stifles with good hocks. Correct top line which was held on the move. Another to watch. 3 Tait's Benboee Bring It On

PB (5, 1) 1 Cushatlaw Illustrious. 2 Knowles & Glen's Wilholme Sharp N Smart At Bessalone, 10 month old flashy l/w, a bit unsettled initially. Super in outline, lovely head and neck. Well angulated fore and aft. Great length of neck, good shoulders and depth of chest. Correct coat of nice texture. Move out well when she settled. 3 Benboee Bring It On

JB (4, 1) 1 Duncan's Kavacanne Gale Storm JW- l/w ticked, lovely balance and shape, very feminine. Classic head as usual from this kennel. Good neck into well laid shoulders. Deep chest with good tuck up to nice rear angulation. Nice amount of bone, tight feet, lovely movement. 2 Rose's Kavacanne Blowin A Gale JW - l/w ticked, litter sister to (1), has the same lovely attributes. Moved and handled well. I just preferred the overall balance of her sister. 3 Sielski's Orchidstar Zid Zaid Zana

NB (4, 1) 1 Cushatlaw Illustrious 2 Tait's Benboee Bring It On -Another lovely puppy dark l/w  harsh coat with lots to like about her.  Well balanced and well off for bone.  Pretty head with dark eye and nice expression.  Good depth of chest and well angulated fore/aft, held her topline on the move. Another one that will do well I’m sure, missed out as she was a little unsettled, I believe she’d been upset a ringcraft recently.  3 Gardiner's Malmelsa Flirty Fleuri

GB (6, 2) 1 Squire's Taftazini Wilshee Wyn Too JW - l/w ticked girl, what a neat package she is, another so well balanced, short in back and well proportioned in all respects. Sweet head, dark eye and kind expression, good neck with well angulated shoulders into deep chest with good tuck up. Nice straight front and good feet. Gently sloping top line, good quarters with well bent stifles. Moved out beautifully with correct reach and drive, which gave her the RBCC. 2 Peebles' Keigame Hopscotch - solid liver bitch. A lovely classic GSP. Pretty head, nice dark eyes and soft expression. Not quite the reach of neck as (1), good shoulders, nice deep chest, good top line and good quarters. Move out well. 3 Mellor's Kenxiam Comanche

PGB 1 Lockett's Winterwell Bobbie Dazzler Of Fayemm JW - l/w ticked bitch of quality. Lovely stacked and so well balanced. Nice head with good ear set and length of muzzle. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good top line with well set on tail. Well bent stifles and strong quarters. Moved out well. 2 Hammond's Seasham Lovestruck JW - l/w, another lovely bitch, similar in her balanced shape to (1). Also has a good head with reachy neck, good depth of chest, good top line to tail set with good quarters, which propelled her smoothly round the ring. 3 Pearson's Ladyhawke California Star JW

LB (9) Some of my favourites in this class, difficult decisions to make! 1 Whitworth's Freworth FirenzE - l/w ticked. The last time I saw this girl she was a puppy and I thought she showed promise then. She hasn't disappointed me I think she is lovely and has all the qualities I look for. Stunning in her balanced outline, head of lovely proportions, well set on ears, clean skull, good muzzle length and lovely dark, melting eyes. Good neck length into beautiful shoulder lay, straight front down to good feet. Chest deep enough with good tuck up to well bent stifles and let down hocks. She was a joy to watch as she moved round the big ring. Delighted to award her the BCC. 2 Glen & Shield's Wilholme Saucy Brown JW - solid liver bitch of lovely quality. Classic in shape and balance. Lovely head, eye and expression, good reachy neck into very good shoulders. Nice deep chest. Good top line and quarters. Love her type, but on the move today she didn't seem settled and tended to run up. 3 Tait's Benboee Bordeaux JW

OB (7, 1) 1 Halbert's Valger Odessa At Marimay - l/w, pleasing in outline, very well balanced. Nice in profile, good head shape, ear set, nice eye and muzzle length. Liked her front assembly. Good reach of neck, into well placed shoulders with a deep chest and nice tuck up to well bent stifles. Moved out well. 2 Trow's Sh Ch Winterwell Tootsie Roll JW ShCM - another lovely quality bitch, nothing to choose between these two bitches as they are of a similar shape and make. Again, a lovely headed bitch with nice dark eyes, good muzzle length and ear set. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Good top line and well muscled quarters. Also moved well. 3 Rumney's Keigame Sweet Melody

VB (4) 1 Prior's Booton Marietta Of Whinchat - 8 year old l/w ticked bitch. One I have liked before. Still retains her overall balance and quality. Nothing overstated, but everything is in the right place. Lovely head, eye and expression, good strength in neck and well placed shoulders. Superb coat. Top line still good and stifles well bent with good quarters. Moves true. BVIS 2 Whitehouse's Kazanpaul CrE8me Brulee Awg, 7 year old l/w girl with a good balanced shape. Pleasing head with nice shoulders and deep chest. Good top line and tuck up. Well bent stifles and good quarters. Moved out well. 3 Robson's Collwarwick Murrell

SVB (4, 1) 1 Roden's Sh Ch Keigame Harlette - 11 year old solid liver bitch, one of my favourites of old. Lovely shape overall, another nice quality GSP from this kennel, lovely head with dark eyes, well set ears, lengthy neck into very good shoulders. Good depth of chest, well bent stifles with strong quarters. Moved out well. 2 Whitehouse's Sh Ch Kazanpaul Bourbon Cream JW ShCM - 11 year old flashy l/w bitch who still loves her day out showing. I have done her well in the past and she still has her lovely attributes some years on. Lovely shape, sweet head and expression, longer cast than (1), good depth and strong rear. Still moves out well. 3 Gardiner's Kilnrae Gretel FTB (3, 1) 1 Field's Deepthatch Pocona - l/w ticked, beautifully balanced in outline with good angulation fore and aft. Lovely head with expressive dark eyes, good muzzle length and ear set. Reachy neck, good chest depth and tuck up to well bent stifle and well let down hocks. Nice top line with well muscled thighs. Moved out well with her owner's handler. 2 Nixon's Quintana Quixotic - l/w bitch with nice shape, similar in outline to (1). Nice head, not quite the length of neck, good deep chest, good quarters. Unfortunately, front movement let her down.

GCB (4, 3) 1 Trow's Keigame Bosanova Around Winterwell JW - solid liver girl, who loves her day out. A stronger made bitch, lovely in shape and outline. Good head, dark eye and naughty expression. Good strong neck, well placed shoulders, nice depth, good top line and tail set. Well angulated and muscled rear quarters, good bend of stifle. Flew round the ring!

Sue Ashcroft